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By Vishy Anand

Crystal-clear reasons of grandmaster strategies and methods from which gamers of all talents can research. Anand annotates the best and best video games from his occupation. during this increased version through the reliable FIDE international Champion, he describes his most sensible video games and brings his occupation correct brand new.

This e-book positive aspects Anand's exact and enjoyable commentaries to fifty seven of his top video games, culminating with the victory over Shirov that clinched the FIDE global Championship. Anand's well known skill to penetrate to the center of advanced positions comes over supremely good in his notes, on the way to amply pay off cautious research.

Flowing attacking masterpieces defined logically step by step.

Practical tricks from a global Champion.

Puzzle positions to check your skill.

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Eleven lbrs (DJ The alternate of inaccuracies has favoured White, simply because Black's in­ accuracy is basically fairly severe his bishop does not belong on e7 in any respect. Now White is obviously higher. 17 ... J:d8 17 ... 0-0 is very unlikely due to 18 .. th6. 18 .. te3 g6 (D) roughly compelled, simply because oth­ erwise Black lacks a optimistic movement. 18 ... 0-0? nonetheless fails to 19 .. th6 whereas after l eight ..... tc8 White has a call of promising traces: l ) l nine l:ac l 0-0 20 lbxe7+(not20 cxb5 .. txf5 21 'i'xf5 axb5 22 J:xc7 J:xdS! and Black escapes) 20... 'i'xe7 21 cxb5 J:fe8 22 b6 cxb6 23 .. txb6 J:d7 24 'i'd3! .. tb7 25 d6 offers White a transparent virtue. 2) 19 c5! (even extra forcing) l nine ... .. i. xf5 (19... 0-0 20 d6 wins a section) 20 11Vxf5 :Xd5 21 'l'c8+and after 2l..... td8 2211fxa6 or 2I... l: d8 22 J:xd8+ .. i. xd8 23 l:ld l 'ife7 24 1! fxa6 White wins a pawn whereas re. taining a positional virtue. 19 lbh6! White may perhaps trade on e7, yet then Black's king may possibly fortress or flow ton and he may have reasonable de· fensive possibilities. White's qu. enside majority is an asset, however it won't win the sport on its own as the c-pawn is tied to the defence of d5. as a substitute, i needed to maintain Black's king on e8, whereas I broke via at the c- and d-files. 19 'fig7 proceeding ... f5, while the knighl should be in difficulty. 20 'l'g3?! This stream, introducing lbf5 principles, isn't so powerful as I imagined throughout the online game. occasionally, should you ANAND - AGDESTE/N, BAGU/0 Crrr 1987 have an exceptional place, the temptation is simply to play effortless, cozy strikes and stay up for the placement to win it­ self. the proper movement was once 20 cxb5! , while 20... axb5 fails to 21 :a7. Dur­ ing the sport I rejected it due to 20... f5 21 bxa6 . i. a8, with the specter of .. . f4. although, with ten years' hindsight i do not see Black's com­ pensation for the 2 pawns. In par­ ticular, as soon as White has performed a7 the bishop on a8 will successfully be lifeless, seeing that taking up d5 will regularly enable a mix related to the promo­ tion of the a-pawn. One line is 22 'tlh3! f4 23 . i. d2 . i. g5 24ll:lg4 h5 25 �xe5 and wins. it really is worthy noting that 20 h4 used to be playable. After 20... . ic8 we trans­ pose into the sport, yet White has kept a number of strikes. 20 ... . i. c8 Threatening ... g5, so White's subsequent movement is pressured. . id6 (D) 21 h4 If Black makes an attempt to play actively through 2I... f5 22 . i. g5! f4 then: I) 23 'i'c3 b4 24 'ilfd2 (24 '6'f3 . txg5 25 hxg5 'fle7 26 ll:lg4 '6'xg5 27 �xe5 0-0! is doubtful) 24 ... . txg5 25 hxg5 'i'e7 26 . l:tel �f8! and Black has counterplay. 2) 23 •h2!. A paradoxical circulation which nails down Black's kingside. Now White easily threatens :el by way of doubling or maybe g3 (mee ting .. . f3 via g4). even though Black continues_ his e5-pawn will come 19 lower than fireplace and his king is trapped within the centre. the purpose of . wt-. 2 is that once 23 ... . i. xg5 24 hxg5 '*le7 White can shield the g5-pawn and major­ tain his kingside bind. w 22 '*if3 different strikes are inferior, for ex­ considerable 22 c5? . txc5 or 22 lLcl e4 23 . tf4 '*ixh6! 24 . txh6 . txg3 25 fxg3. during this latter line White retains a moderate aspect because the opposite-coloured bishops (which typically have a drawish impression) make Black's de­ fence a section more challenging, while there are nonetheless a good variety of significant items at the board.

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