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The Lamp That Enlightens slim Minds: The lifestyles and occasions of a learned Tibetan grasp, Khyentse Chökyi Wangchug provides an enticing account of the lifetime of Khyentse Chökyi Wangchug, a learned Tibetan tulku (reincarnated lama or teacher). The book's historic references supply an in depth portrait of Tibet at the verge of invasion and profession by way of chinese language forces within the a long time major as much as 1959 while chinese language repression led the Dalai Lama to take shelter in India.

Narrated via Chökyi Wangchug's nephew, writer and foreign Tibetan instructor Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, this encouraged biography describes the intense occasions of Chökyi Wangchug's lifestyles in this momentous interval in Tibetan heritage. Born in 1909 in a valley south of Derge, an historic middle of Tibetan tradition, Chökyi Wangchug used to be well-known at an early age as a reincarnation of a tulku and therefore bought Buddhist teachings from the best masters of the epoch. A privileged observer of his uncle's existence, Namkhai Norbu unearths the complexity of Tibetan Buddhist hierarchy and the conflicts prompted not just via chinese language forces, but additionally by means of humans as regards to Chökyi Wangchug who had turn into participants of factions stimulated by way of bigotry and private greed. regardless of the problems he encountered, he maintained a kingdom of equanimity and devoted himself to a lifetime of peace and compassion for all sentient beings. finally tortured and imprisoned by means of the chinese language, he and different discovered Tibetan academics gave up the ghost on the similar second whereas meditating.

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