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By Bhikkhu Bodhi

A perennial favourite, Great Disciples of the Buddha is now relaunched in our best-selling Teachings of the Buddha series.

Twenty-four of the Buddha's such a lot individual disciples are delivered to existence in ten chapters of wealthy narration. Drawn from quite a lot of actual Pali assets, the cloth in those tales hasn't ever ahead of been assembled in one quantity. via those attractive stories, we meet all demeanour of humans - wealthy, terrible, male, girl, younger, previous - whose distinctive tales are instructed with a watch to the main points of standard human matters. while learn with cautious awareness, those tales can sharpen our realizing of the Buddhist course via permitting us to think about the dwelling photos of the folk who fulfilled the early Buddhist beliefs of human perfection. The characters distinct include:

  • Sariputta
  • Nanda
  • Mahamoggallana
  • Mahakassapa
  • Ananda
  • Isidasi
  • Anuruddha
  • Mahakaccana
  • Angulimala
  • Visakha
  • and many more.

Conveniently annotated with an identical process of sutta references utilized in all the different sequence volumes, Great Disciples of the Buddha permits the reader to simply position each one scholar within the higher photograph of Buddha's existence. it's a quantity that no critical pupil of Buddhism may still pass over.

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This Ānanda used to be capable of do simply because he understood good the which means and value of the educating involved, with all its implications. for this reason, even if his recitation used to be interrupted by means of a question, he used to be in a position to resume the recital precisely on the element the place he had damaged off. The fourth caliber used to be his steadfastness (dhiti), his power and unflagging commitment to the projects of learning, memorizing, and reciting the Buddha’s phrases and of in my opinion attending at the grasp. The 5th and final caliber was once that of an ideal attendant, which used to be defined prior. those 5 traits in unison certified Ānanda for his specific function in the Buddha’s Dispensation, that of the father or mother of the Dhamma (dhammabhaṇḍāgārika). inside a political country the bhaṇḍāgārika is the treasurer, the only liable for storing, protecting, keeping, and allotting the nationwide wealth. If the treasurer is inept and irresponsible, the state’s profit will decline and the state will plunge out of business and catastrophe. If the treasurer is astute, the nationwide wealth can be properly applied and the state will get pleasure from prosperity and peace. within the Buddha’s Dispensation the wealth is the lessons, and the health and wellbeing and sturdiness of the Dispensation, in particular after the Buddha’s Parinibbāna, required that those teachings be conscientiously preserved and faithfully transmitted to posterity. The put up of treasurer of the Dhamma accordingly was once of vast significance, lots in order that the person who held it, via keeping intact the Buddha’s instructing in the international, may perhaps rightly name himself “the eye of the complete world”: If one needs to appreciate the Dhamma, One should still hotel to one of these one, who's of significant studying, a bearer of Dhamma, a sensible disciple of the Buddha. of significant studying, bearer of the Dhamma, The mother or father of the good Seer’s treasure, he's the attention of the whole global, Deserving worship, of significant studying. (Thag. 1030–31) In making a choice on Ānanda because the treasurer or mum or dad of his Dispensation, the Buddha had selected one whose own features coincided completely with the calls for of the put up. through advantage of his devotion to studying, Ānanda was once ultimate to obtain the manifold teachings brought over a forty-five 12 months interval; through advantage of his out of the ordinary reminiscence, he may keep them in brain precisely as spoken by way of the grasp; by way of advantage of his experience of order, he will be trusted to maintain them within the right series and to give an explanation for them in one of these means that the constitution of principles accorded with the Buddha’s purpose; and through advantage of his steadfastness, he may so exercise that the students less than his cost might obtain the lessons absolutely and be appropriately expert in order that they in flip may go them directly to their very own scholars. Buddhist culture specifies the variety of recitation devices (dhammakkhandha), lit. “aggregates of Dhamma”) within the Buddha’s instructing as eighty-four thousand, and in a single verse Ānanda claims to have got all of them: I bought from the Buddha 82,000, And from the bhikkhus 2,000 extra.

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