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“Somebody comes into the Zen heart with a lighted cigarette, walks as much as the Buddha statue, blows smoke in its face, and drops ashes on its lap. you're status there. What are you able to do?” this can be a challenge that Zen grasp Seung Sahn is keen on posing to his American scholars who attend his Zen facilities. shedding Ashes at the Buddha is a pleasant, irreverent, and infrequently hilariously humorous dwelling list of the discussion among Korean Zen grasp Seung Sahn and his American scholars. along with dialogues, tales, formal Zen interviews, Dharma speeches, and letters utilizing the Zen Master’s genuine phrases in spontaneous, residing interplay together with his scholars, this publication is a clean presentation of the Zen educating approach to “instant discussion” among grasp and pupil which, by utilizing astonishment and paradox, ends up in an knowing of final reality.

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That's the disorder of this individual. how will you healing this affliction? moreover, he believes that the instant you open your mouth you're improper. Buddha-nature is with out phrases; in truth with no stream; the real kingdom is the place the way in which is bring to an end and brain is extinguished. So no matter what you are attempting to assert, he'll hit you. What are you able to do? the second one kong-an is: “The mouse eats cat-food, however the cat-bowl is damaged. What does this suggest? ” Your resolution was once, “If you're hungry, take a meal and feature a very good leisure. ” Your leg is itching, yet you're scratching my leg. Do you're thinking that you'll relieve the itching this fashion? you try to hit the moon with a stick. Your resolution is 18,000 miles clear of the right kind one. If the query have been, “What is Buddha-nature? ” or “What is brain? ” or “What is Dharma? ”, your solution will be a hundred% right. yet my query is: “The mouse eats cat-food however the cat-bowl is damaged. What does this suggest? ” there isn't any distinct which means open air the phrases. do not be connected to the phrases. do not be connected on your pondering or fall into vacancy. simply comprehend the transparent which means within the phrases: mouse, cat-food, bowl, and damaged. when you had a bell in entrance of you and that i requested you, “What is that this? ”, may you solution, “If you're hungry, have a great meal and a very good rest”? This solution isn't really thoroughly right. The bell is to be rung, the watch is to inform time, the pen is to put in writing with, and the publication is for analyzing. every one has its personal features. after we act according to the features of every, there's the good fact because it is, absolutely the fact except phrases. this can be the world of huge I. The query has 4 parts—mouse, cat-food, bowl, and damaged. those 4 components mix, and there's a transparent that means at the back of the mix. Please attempt to snatch this that means. here's a poem for you: The sweet peddler is ringing his bell, and the kid cries to its mom. funds turns into sweet and sweet turns into cash. cash is going into the peddler's pocket, and sweet is going into the kid's mouth and is good. expensive Ven. Satam, what do you are saying? Take one breakthrough on best of the 100-foot pole. Make a fierce attempt. here's one other poem: I traced the stairs of the cow that has been lengthy forgotten. Having stuck the harness, i'm hoping you'll trip at the cow, enjoying the flute with out holes, and input your house village, the place flora bloom within the spring. I basically wish that through maintaining “What am I? ” consistently and far and wide, you are going to reach the nice fruit very quickly. S. S. P. S. Please inform Dae Haeng to check good. i am hoping you'll be sturdy to him. in case you can, translate this letter into English and ship it again to me. January four, 1975 expensive Soen-sa-nim, thanks a great deal in your letter. Dae Haeng is now typing the interpretation of it, and that i will try and mail it the following day. After interpreting your type directions, i presumed in regards to the kong-ans as follows: 1. If the fellow hits me and asks, “Is this hit empty or actual? ”, i'm going to resolution, “Ah … ah … ah. ” and that i will hit him again and ask him even if my hit is empty or actual.

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